Hi, I'm Casey!

Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Cactus Cats | Pricks pt. 3
Cat-cus | Pricks pt. 2
Pricks pt. 1
Space Whale
Space Anglerfish
Space Squid
Space Narwhal
Space Nessie
Space Turtle
Big Beard | No Shave November
Ginger Beard | No Shave November
Curly Beard | No Shave November
Hot Slice
Pizza Death Star | Part 1
Pizza Death Star | Part 2
Bellsprout Evolutions | Pokemon
Psyduck Evolutions | Pokemon
Oddish Evolutions | Pokemon
Terrarium | Pentagon
Terrarium | Diamond
Terrarium | Cube
Maz Kanata | Dem Eyes
BB-8 | Illustration
R2-D2 | One Year Anniversary
The Roads Home
Bad Apple
Spoiled Milk
Can I Kick It | Yes You Can
Falling With Style
Lenny, the binoculars
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